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Welcome to Lucky Colony 13.

You have been assigned to manage Colony 13.  

Your tasks consist in assigining colonists to different production modules and operating the colony's defenses . Be careful, as this is a hostile planet and its inhabitants, the Verg, are not very happy to have us as a visitor.

Furthermore, this planet is located dangerously near to a time-space anomaly and is very hard for us to accurately predict weather conditions or Verg swarm migrations. Always keep an eye on the forecast report to chose your next action!

This is a submission for Winter Jam 2018.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
Authorsjvolonte, Juan Rodriguez
GenreStrategy, Simulation
TagsManagement, Space, Tycoon, Unity


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Felt like I didn't really know what was happening half the time, and not too sure what was going through most of it. Fell like there should be an indicator of how much energy is required for each type of shield and also a way to gain back people/  train new people. Something I also think should be changed is how much energy shields use, rather than just draining over time, I feel like a one time cost would be best. Overall, I feel like it needs a little more work done. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 


Hey Cyberwolf thanks for the video as always! I appreciate it. It seems you were spending a lot of resources on research by having workers on the main building and falling short on resources to protect the colony. (The more workers you have in the main hub, the more resources they consume, but they also research faster).

Since the game was aimed for mobile and it doesn't have stuff like hovering to show more info we tried to keep the screen simple  and just have references to the current events and which buttons where good to deal with them

So in here you had to open the side gates to allow a new worker in. (The one that came in a ship, you left poor Jimmy out to die :( ). Or active the yellow shields to protect the colony from the worms. For the yellow and pink storm you didn't have to activate any buttons.

It seems you kinda got the hang of it around the end trying to predict the correct forecast and yeah... it's a game about gambling trying your luck with the forecasts.
The leaderboard is rather new, I made an update about a week ago adding it but yeah, It's hard to get your game noticed here. 

Anyways thanks again! Have a good day :)

Ah lol, thought poor Jimmy was a pirate. Thanks for clearing things up!

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it looks kind of like the idea of oxygen not included but the game is still really fun