Lucky Colony Update v0.2


-Action panel will pop up when the alert of an incoming event starts.
-Can no longer activate shields and open gates at the same time.
-Modules are repaired faster.

-Each day four random events are picked from the pool of events and their probability will be shown in the forecast
-New events:

  • Sandstorm - Deals damage. Need to activate both shields to protect from it.
  • Yellow Discharge - Deals damage only if yellow shield is active.
  • Pink Discharge - Deals damage only if pink shield is active.
  • Meteor Shower - Deals huge amount of damage. Need to active yellow shield to protect from it.


Lucky Colony 13 v0.2 Win.zip 22 MB
Sep 12, 2018
Lucky Colony 13 v0.2 Linux.zip 25 MB
Sep 12, 2018
Lucky Colony 13 v0.2 MacOS.app.zip 26 MB
Sep 12, 2018
LuckyColony13 v0.2.apk 33 MB
Sep 12, 2018

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