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Submission to Weekly Game Jam #40

Theme: Small World

Above the Sky is a management game where you control a settlement.

Your job is to make a thriving economy!


W,A,S,D to move the Camera

Mouse wheel to zoom

Left click to Interact with Buildings and Settlers


Modelling by dasPanjo

Programming by dasPanjo and jvolonte

Music by ElliotElliot's Soundcloud

SFX from ZapSplat


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Above the Sky v0.2 Win64.rar 19 MB
Above the Sky v0.2 Win32.rar 17 MB
Above the Sky v0.2 MacOS.rar 22 MB
Above the Sky v0.2 Linux.7z 22 MB

Development log


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It's a pretty nice game and I think with a little more polish and some clean up and a few new things added could make it a really cool game! Besides just like, lack of animations for the viligers, I think I either keep getting a bug that is increasing the amount of accidents, or it got coded that way on accident, but my lumberjack Carl got his ass kicked to smithereens from all the accidents happening even after I upgraded the safety all the way. The very frequent accidents were want kind made me end the game before upgrading everything cause it just started getting frustrating to send someone back when they were back to full health only for them to literally a second later, hurt themselves. Anyways, I hope to see some tasty updates to this game. Hope you enjoy the video! 


The game has great possibilities, but I have spotted a few problems that makes me mad:

1. There is a balance problem. You need much more stones than wood. So for my 90% of time I had max miners and only one woodcutter.
2. The balance is also about the time: once I have lost my fellow because of multiple accidents in a row. I have no time to push him to a farm.
3. Also resources are produced too slow. I can lost a few hours only waiting till some of them increase. If you don't want to change it, make a simple button "speed up".

4. If I don't care about a guy, it will drop hunger to 0% and automatic goes iddle. It should work, but for me it worked only for first slot of fishing. The rest was buggy and the game was unable to play (infinite loop of moving guy to iddle).

5. Also (I am not sure) when I lost the guy, the price for the next didn't drop. Double check that.


6. You can't finish the game. You can't produce 15 guys. You can produce only 10 of them.

Hope the game will be fixed and expanded. It has potential!

Hey, thanks for all the feedback! I'm aware of the bug and I have already got the fix :) Just waiting for the jam vote to end to upload the new version. I'm also working on better balance.


I love this tiny game


Really Enjoyed the game, i recorded for about 25minutes and had to cut it into two videos so there will be another one, but good luck for the gamejam and hope you keep working on this game (: