This is a Ludum Dare 52 entry with the theme Harvest

A new Harvest Festival is here but this time is not the same as always. Some weird-magical fertilizer is making everything harvest sooner. Apparently it has some boost effect if you overload plants with it, oh and also make them alive. Use them to fight other farmers in order to become the last standing farmer in this Harvest Festival.

   Magic Fertilizer 

  • Use Magic Fertilizer up to its cost to Harvest the crop. 
  • Each turn the crop is planted, the cost of Harvesting decreases by 1. 
  • MF overflow will boost the crop.

Attack Power

  • The damage it will deal when attacking.
  • Needs to be harvested first.
  • Represents the health of the player or the card.
  • Don't let it drop to zero.


Veggie Clash 54 MB

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