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In Trinidad, the player experiences the awe of discovery by charting the firmament to navigate with the help of familiar figures in the night sky. 

Stamp your celestial compass, the sky is your canvas! 

Trinidad is a game about discovering sky constellations. Navigate through the sea to strategic vantage points where you can gaze the skies in search for constellations. 

Click the stars emitting ripples to form them. Form all the constellations to find your way through the sea! 

"...they looked upon navigation not merely as a technique of getting from one island to another, but as a way – a combination of philosophy and religion, a way of life into which one was initiated. Navigators were held in as high esteem – or higher – than the leaders of the societies. They knew the sky the way we know the face of the people we love, even if parts were obscured."


Concept and development:
Juan Rodriguez
Joaquin Volonte

Audio & Music:


Trinidad - Windows 42 MB


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I loved the game!! Go on!