Few remember what happened before the bombs... it was so long ago... what we know for certain is that our lord give us heat in the winter, light in the darkness and a humming voice to sooth our dreams. - Judo the Acolyte

Nuclear Faith is a management game about operating a reactor that is worshipped as a god. Meet the energy demand of your congregation and thrive as your flock gets bigger and hungrier for watts. Be careful though, the machine is old and rusty, only the most cunning operators may make the cut

Made  for Ludum Dare 49  with the theme Unstable

How to play:


  • Art - Enzo Antonaz and Daniel Costa
  • Music & SFX - Santiago Ramos
  • Code & Design - Juan Rodriguez, Vincent Silva and Joaquin Volonte

Version 1.1

  • Add pause with 'spacebar',  'escape' and 'P'
  • Add how to play section
  • Add Linux and MacOS builds


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Nuclear Faith LD Submission 29 MB
Nuclear Faith v1.1 Windows 29 MB
Nuclear Faith v1.1 macOS 39 MB
Nuclear Faith v1.1 Linux 43 MB


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I played your game on my channel. Thought it was fun and wanted to show you it.