Hooked was made in less than a day for the 8 bits to Infinity - Two Buttons Jam

Save this little guy  by pressing spacebar to hook and stay away from the radioactive pool.

Authors: DasPanjo &  jvolonte

Music is Underground Town by Joshua McLean

Known Bugs:
There seems to be bug with the rope travels slow. If you encounter this try to download the game and play it on low. The bug will be fixed after the jam has ended


Hooked for Windows 20 MB
Hooked for Mac 22 MB
Hooked for Linux 24 MB


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I enjoy the music and sound effects.  I like that there is a high score.  I feel the fact that the placement of the places to hook is sort of random takes away some strategy.  Still is fun to play.

Watch 8 Bits to Infinity ~ Two Button Jam | !jam !queue from MrJoshuaMcLean on www.twitch.tv

Cool game, but possibly add more content. EX: spikes, climbing up above a certain height(tile the ceiling), etc... Definitely fun.