A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Made for Big Mode Jam 2023 with the theme Mode


Dive into the beat-fueled world of Armonia in this action-packed adventure! 

The heart of the realm has been silenced as magical modes were swiped away. Armed with a mystical shamisen, toggle between two unique modes on the fly, unleashing a symphony of combat skill and finesse. 


Game Features

Dynamic Combat lightning-fast, action-packed combat.

Mode-Swapping switch between two enchanting modes seamlessly, exploring combos and ways to improve your combat in each situation.

Explore roam a vibrant world and explore the mysteries hidden beneath the surface. 

Who are we

Made with โค๏ธ by this amazing team

  • Maru Silveira
  • Nicolas de Leon
  • Bruno Arce
  • Vincent Silva
  • Joaquin Volonte


Armonia v1.1 Windows 45 MB
Armonia v1.0 macOS 57 MB


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What an amazing game! Really cool concept and good use of the theme. Beautiful art and fluid animation. It never ceases to amaze me what talented people can create when they work together. Congratulations guys, hope you continue with this project. 


Thank you for the kind words :)